Akshay Kumar stuns in 2.0 new poster, reveals it took longer than female lead to get the look


Mumbai – : Actor Akshay Kumar, at 2.0 trailer launch said that his role in forthcoming multilingual science-fiction action drama demanded him to wear more make-up than what he had worn in his entire career. Akshay plays the antagonist in superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘2.0’, which marks his southern debut. Now, the actor has shared a new 2.0 poster on social media and it’s quite intriguing. Not just that, he also revealed the film trivia and we are in awe.

Akshay Kumar took to Instagram and wrote, “For an actor who never puts makeup, 2.0 was a different story altogether. To get this look right, I think I must’ve taken longer than the female lead #2Point0”

With orange-coloured eyes, and a body covered with grey-black metallic feathers, Akshay’s Dr Richard is a macabre sight to behold. What’s more interesting is Akshay’s revelation that he never uses makeup in his films.

The trailer for the much awaited 2.0 was released on Saturday, amidst much fanfare, at a launch event at Chennai’s Sathyam Cinemas. The film was shot in 3D. The trailer was shown at the launch event in 3D, along with 4D sound technology.

Birds are seen flying, and as the trailer shows us how we are slaves to technology, it quickly turns dystopic. Phones are snatched out of people’s hands, including Dr Vaseegaran’s. As mobiles phones disappear from the entire city into the air, chaos ensues. A big bird is seen flying over, covering the city in its shadows and destroying property.

We are then introduced to Akshay Kumar, an evil force of mobile phones, calling each mobile phone owner, a murderer. When a man wakes up to realise that his floor and walls are made of phones, Chitti, the robot is the superpower, and we are introduced to Chitti reloaded, Version 2.0. Chitti and the evil shape-shifting force come face to face in a football field, as an army of phone soldiers try to take over, and take on an army of Chitti robots.

2.0 which has been made on a mammoth budget of Rs 600 crores, has been produced by Lyca Productions. Being the sequel to the 2010 hit film, Enthiran, 2.0 will have the Superstar in dual roles – Dr Vaseegaran and Chitti – the Robot. Others in the cast include Sudhanshu Pandey, Adil Hussain and Kalabhavan Shajohn.


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