Hopital Staff’s Wrong Treatment Leaves Youth Serious in Balangir


Balangir: A 28-year old youth had ingested poisonous substance but was then wrongly treated in the local hospital on Monday. This unfortunate and distressing incident occurred in Jharial village under Sindhekela Police Station in Titlagarh.

The youth, named Bablu Nag, had ingested a bottle of fertilizer (used for farming) for some familial discord. His family, upon finding out, immediately rushed him to the hospital at Titlagarh.

The available nurse at the hospital gave him doctor-prescribed injection and saline in some wrong manner. This irresponsible action led to Nag’s condition getting serious. Sacred, the family informed the doctor.

Nag’s family alleged that the said nurse was furious over his family for reporting her to the doctor. She even went to snatch the phone from his one relative and smashed it to pieces. The locals, who had come to know of the whole incident by now, were infuriated at the nurse and other hospital staff.

As per last reports, the youth’s condition had deteriorated further and he was being moved to Burla for treatment.

Notably, there have been repeated complaints of the Titlagarh hospital being short staffed of doctors and attendants for a long time and of irresponsible behaviour of the nurses.

There have been strong demands for immediate action on the hospital staff.



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