India demands justice as chilling details of 2-year-old’s murder emerge


Aligarh – It was on May 30 when a two-and-a-half-year-old girl went missing from Aligarh’s Tappal township. Little did her family know what was to unfold. Three days later, on June 2, her body was found in a garbage dump near her house. The toddler was strangled to death and her eyes gouged out. The reason the girl was meted out such brutal treatment will leave you shell shocked. A monetary dispute of Rs. 10,000 costed this father his little girl’s life. Reportedly, the mutilated body was discovered after a pack of stray dogs had been spotted carrying what appeared to be human body parts. The heinous case has sparked nationwide outrage. The victim’s father spoke to India TV, and demanded death for the culprits.

The murder over the repayment of a Rs 10,000-loan triggered a massive outrage on social media, with political leaders and celebrities tweeting their disgust and anger over the brutality of the crime. Some children also took out a candle-light march in Aligarh.


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