Patnagarh MLA Makes JE To Do Sit-Ups In Public, Video Goes Viral


Balangir: Pointing at the audacity of a newly elected public representative, a video showing Patnagarh MLA Saroj Kumar Meher forcing a Junior Engineer (JE) in Public Works Department (PWD) to do sit-ups has gone viral.

In the videos which was uploaded to various social media sites as well as aired on electronic media yesterday features Meher issuing his diktat on the JE of Belpada block for poor quality of construction work of Mandal-Belpada bypass road.

Notably, the newly elected MLA visited the construction site yesterday and heard the grievances of the locals. After some of the residents complained to them about the quality of the work he reprimanded the concerned JE.

Though the JE pleaded guilty and apologised to MLA, the latter remained adamant and directed to do 100 sit-ups.

The MLA also threatened the JE with a thrash by public in case he fails to obey his order for 100 sit-ups and the latter did accordingly.


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